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Stainless Steel Crowns

KTR developed what many dental professionals believe are the best stainless steel primary molar crowns on the planet. After reaching that milestone, KTR continued to listen to dentist like you. They improved the crowns with dual laser etching and affordability. This allows you to increase the value of your practice by saving time and money.

Zirconia Crowns

KTR does not believe in the “take it or leave it” approach. Believing that if you need it, we create it, they worked with dentists in developing two lines of zirconia crowns “Regular” and “Conservative Fit.” Some dentists prefer regular, while others prefer Conservative fit. The Conservative fit requires less aggressive tooth preparation, lessening the risk of pulpal exposures.

Our Mission Statement

KTR’s mission is simple. Continue to work with dental professionals in developing the absolute highest quality products and offer them at the best prices. This results in dental practices and their patients getting the best value and care. KTR’s mission is to help dental practices grow in order to reach more patients. They are becoming the go-to problem solving company in the dental industry. “This is why so many dentists recommend our products.”

KTR’s Latest Success Story is Your Success Story

When dentists take the time to write you full letters, you must be doing something right. Here’s what two dental professionals recently said.

“Six years ago we switched from 3M to KTR Crowns, because we found: the pre-crimped contour of the KTR crown is much easier to fit (99% of the time without adjustment), KTR crown are made from the same medical grade stainless steel as the 3M crown, and the price savings were incredible. We have seen the kiddos come back for 6+ years with EXCEPTIONAL OUTCOMES!

KTR’s customer service is not ‘Customer Service has noted your complaint and we’ll get back to you shortly.’ In fact, we suggested that the crowns could be improved if they were etched and marked with the Standard A-T marking. KTR listened and voila, they responded with laser etching and dual marking, Palmer & Standard.

Our assistants rave about the laser etched labeling when reorganizing the crowns after sterilization, and the fact that the online ordering is simply and easy to use. ‘We love being able to place our orders in 2 minutes!’

We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the product, the ease of delivering the crown, and lastly, your cost per crown compared to all other SSC distributors and manufacturers.

We are practicing dentists who are in the trenches using KTR crowns daily, speaking with parents and seeing children return to a healthy form and function oral health status. Please feel free to reach out to us.”

Dr. J. Kolby Robinson – Timber kids Dentistry
Dr. Nick Raklios – Cascadia Kids Dentistry

See the full letter here.

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