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KTR Stainless Steel Primary Molar Crowns Refills - Unmatched Quality Unbeatable Price vs 3M ESPE

KTR Stainless Steel Primary Molar Crowns Refills

As a member of the oldest international dental organizational, you understand quality and value.

For years, manufacturers have overpriced quality stainless steel primary molar crowns. KTR has now bridged the gap between quality and profit.

Are you still paying more than $14.95 per box for primary molar crowns?

As a dentist, your profit matters. Take care of your dental practice like you take care of your patients, and your healthy and profitable practice will reach more patients. A pediatric dentist recently shared his experience with KTR crowns:

KTR Crowns are exceptional… We need something to last, fit well, and provide the confidence to families and kiddos that if we fix the tooth, it will actually be better! KTR crowns do just that. Additionally, I was able to compare them to all major stainless steel crown manufacturers and companies. I have used them for 3 years now and never once had a child back with occlusal wear. The adaptation is awesome and the price is even better! Not only do I recommend KTR crowns, I am continually ordering these for my offices month after month.

Dr. J. Kolby Robinson D.M.D.
Timber Kids Dentistry

Dentists have recently shared their stories, such as having to convince their partners in the practice to switch to KTR crowns after many years of placing 3M crowns. After reviewing a free sample, a dentist in the Denver area called and asked if we were sure we had the correct price listed in our advertising. She thanked us and said that she looked forward to the considerable savings. Another dentist recently outfitted a brand new practice with KTR crowns after telling us he was torn between KTR and 3M. Having placed 3M for many years, before choosing KTR he said, “The price is hard to beat, but when you’ve used something for so long, it’s hard to change something that isn’t broken.” While another dentist in the Denver area said that his practice had for years paid $37 a box for crowns!

KTR’s trusted and proven quality and price are unmatched. See for yourself. Get a free sample using the form below.

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