KTR Nichro vs. 3M ESPE and Other Stainless Steel Primary Molar Crowns – Dramatically Increase Your Profit – Increase the Value of Your Practice

KTR Nichro Stainless Steel Crowns vs. 3M ESPE and Other Nichro Stainless Steel Crowns

KTR Stainless Steel Crowns

KTR Nichro vs. 3M ESPE and Other Stainless Steel Primary Molar Crowns*

Have you ever had the feeling that your office pays too much for dental supplies?

The fastest way to increase revenue is to lower expenses. KTR primary molar crowns are helping to drive down the cost of quality dental supplies, while immediately increasing your profit and savings. Simply compare KTR crowns at $14.95 per box of 5, to 3M crowns or Acero crowns or any other crowns you are currently placing. Using a proprietary process, KTR meticulously manufactures its crowns to exceed the quality and handling characteristics of all other brands including 3M crowns, using 304L nickel chromium stainless steel.

What Dentists Said Before Switching to KTR Crowns:

“For years we’ve paid $37 a box for crowns.”
“Are you really selling these crowns at this price?”
“I’ve always used 3M. So I’m torn. The price is hard to beat, but when you’ve used something for so long, it’s hard to change something that isn’t broken.”
“If these crowns are what you say they are, at this price you folks are going to do well.”
“Are they true to size?”
“I’ll have to convince my partners to change after placing 3M for so many years.”

What Dentists and Their Staff Say After Switching to KTR Crowns:


“Thank you. The doctor is very impressed.”
“The adaptation is awesome and the price is even better.”
“Do you all make anterior crowns?”
“I must say that I am extremely pleased with the product. They are true to size, easily crimped, and modified to adapt to those tough upper first molars with space loss. All of this, and half the price of 3M.”
“Do you make permanent crowns?”
“My associates and I are thrilled with the contour and fit of these crowns, especially for the price.”

Dual-System Laser Etching (Fully Autoclave-Proof. No More Ink to Come off During Autoclave Sterilization.)

Dual-System Laser Etching

Dual-System Laser Etching

Dentists have requested laser etching and KTR listened. At the request of dentists, KTR crowns are the only crowns on the market laser etched with “Dual-System” Universal and Palmer numbering systems. No more guessing, and “sight” restocking. The time and money saving markings are discrete yet clearly visible to dental office staff after autoclave sterilization. No more time consuming “sight” restocking and costly mistakes after autoclave sterilization.

Most Small to Mid-Sized Dental Practices Compete on an Unfair Playing Field with Large Corporate Dental Chains

A group of dentists in South Texas envisioned KTR in response to inflated pricing of dental crowns. This inflated pricing harms smaller to mid-size dental practices making them less profitable; and unfairly benefits large corporate dental chains that are able to negotiated lower prices via bulk purchasing. Now, your practices can compete on a fair and level playing field with the large corporate dental chains. The secret is getting your supplies from multiple sources willing to adjust prices to your needs.

Large corporate dental chains negotiate discounted rates on dental supplies. While smaller and mid-sized dental practices pay high prices for quality dental supplies. In fact, a large dental chain’s ability to lower overhead via discounted bulk-buying of dental supplies is one of the main reasons for the latest trend of corporate takeovers in the dental industry. While smaller and mid-sized dental practices compete on an unfair playing field by paying higher prices for dental supplies simply because of their size. KTR is leveling the playing field. For example, if your practice places 50 – 500 primary molar crowns per month you can increase your annual profit by $2,945 – $29,448. simply by placing trusted superior quality KTR crowns.

Dramatically Increase Profit and Immediately Increase the Value of Your Dental Practice

KTR Nichro at $14.95 vs. 3M ESPE at $39.49[2] (You save $24.54 per box!)

Monthly Crown Placements

Monthly Profit Increase

Yearly Profit Increase

5 Year Profit Increase

10 Year Profit Increase
















Whether your practice seats less than 50 primary molar crowns monthly, or more than 5000 you will increase your savings and profit, and immediately increase the value of your practice (increased earnings power) with KTR crowns. Your profit increase is dramatic over time. If we write your practice a check for $3,000 – $30,000. every year, would you deposit those checks? Switching to KTR crowns and increasing your savings and profit is easier than depositing those checks. This is why even low crown volume family dental practices are switching to KTR Crowns along with high crown volume pediatric dental practices.

2Nowak Dental Supply – Price of 3M ESPE Primary Molar Crowns as advertised at the time of this writing.

Trusted Unmatched Quality – Unbeatable Price

KTR Crowns are trusted unmatched quality as confirmed by independent laboratory testing (See “Report of Analysis” KTR vs 3M), and your peers. 3M makes a quality crown and, for many years, was a great choice. This is the very reason why KTR meticulously manufactures its crowns to exceed the quality and handling characteristics of all other brands including 3M crowns, using  304L nickel chromium stainless steel. Interestingly, when a 3M representative recently said, “Looks like you have a quality product” we knew we were on the right track.

Click here to view independent lab test results – KTR Nichro vs 3M ESPE.

* The comparisons with 3M Crowns reflect statements made by dentists and St. Louis Testing Laboratories. These statements are in no way provided to disparage 3M Crowns or any other brand but are provided to help lower the price of quality products in the marketplace. “Comparative advertising encourages product improvement and innovation, and can lead to lower prices in the marketplace.” – August 13, 1979, FTC Statement of Policy Regarding Comparative Advertising. https://www.ftc.gov/public-statements/1979/08/statement-policy-regarding-comparative-advertising




Pediatric Dentists Personally Recommend KTR Crowns

Some of your peers freely (without compensation) recommend KTR crowns. You may speak with them at: Dr. Emerson Vicuna, DDS: 505-877-1113; Dr. Jason Leach, DMD: 915-474-8072; and Dr. Hayden Perkins, DMD: 662-513-4188.

Reasons to Place KTR Crowns

  • Reduce chair time.
  • “True to Size” Pre-trimmed and crimped, with undercuts that maximize ease and minimize time in their installation.
  • Anatomically formed, representing the anatomy of the molars the crowns are replacing.
  • One unbeatable low price $14.95. No time-consuming, buy 5 get 1 free redemption coupon gimmicks to complicate insurance reporting.
  • Anatomically formed, representing the anatomy of the molars the crowns are replacing. Meticulously manufactured to exceed the quality and handling characteristics of of all other brands including 3M ESPE crowns. Are reported harder and more wear resistant due to proprietary tempering process utilized.*
  • New Dual-System laser etched crown size markers, for reduced restocking time. No more ink to come off in the autoclave. No more costly and time consuming “sight” restocking after autoclave sterilization.
  • Dramatically increase your profit and the value of your practice.
  • Compete on a fair and level playing field with large corporate dental chains that negotiate lower prices for their dental supplies.
  • All orders received by 3PM MT ship same day.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Perhaps the most important reason to place KTR crowns is the knowledge that you are placing trusted proven quality.

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Take the KTR Challenge now. Click the button below and get your free sample of KTR crowns. It is absolutely free and no credit card or payment info is required. Your sample will arrive in 2 to 3 business days in the US. Simply compare the KTR crowns with the crowns you currently place. If the quality and price of the KTR crowns do not exceed your expectations, take no further action. If the quality and price exceed your expectations, simply place an order and begin to increase your profit by $2,945 – $29,448/yr. (Due to changes in postal rules, free sample deliveries outside of the U.S. now require non U.S. customers to pay postage.)

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